Design / Animation on Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do (Lyric Video)


Thanks ODD for having me on board as designer / cel animator on Taylor Swift's new lyric video. 

Directed by: Office of Development & Design - ODD
Creative Director: Gary Breslin
Executive Producer: Tim Case
Executive Producer / Producer: Matthew Turke
Designer: Jeremy Rumas
Animators: Jeremy Rumas, Sean Wehrli & Blake Patrick

Produced by Joseph Kahn & Taylor Swift

abandoned city

Welcome to my new blog. Here's a couple recent pen and marker sketches looking down on an abandoned US city in the far future. This is from a personal project of mine called Silverback Last, based on a very caricatured version of Earth's possible future. It's a story about the last silverback gorilla on earth and the quest to sell him.



abandoned city - from a personal project called Silverback Last - pen & marker sketches by Jeremy Rumas